Exhibitions "The Černíns" and "Stuchlá's Closets"

Czernins - ambassadors, travelers, collectors. The exhibition presents the not much generally known theme - the diplomatic missions of the Czech nobility between the 17th and 20th century. Another half of the exhibition presents the charming world of the movable marionettes of the designer Stanislava Stuchlá.

Stuchlá's Closets. Magical World of the Movable Marionettes.

The puppet beauties dancing the Charleston, strongman greeting the arrivals with playing the trumpet, mermaid, circus freak show but also precision model of the bedroom of the countess Czernin in the scale of just a few tens of centimeters - this is the charming world of Stanislava Stuchlá's marionettes, who creates the figures of wood, leather, old textile, uses wires, laces or ostrich feathers and places the marionettes into the perfectly furnished scale models. After many successful exhibitions in Czech Republic but also oher countries, we are honored to have the possibility to present Stanislava Stuchlá's work in Jindřichův Hradec castle. The exhibition will certainly charm not just the children but also their parents.

Exhibition The Černíns

The exhibition shows nearly four hundreds of artefacts which remind the interesting and important historical events, witnessed by the prime diplomats, members of the family Czernin.

Part of the exhibition also presents the education and acquirement of the diplomatic experiences of the young members of the family Czernin - especially the so called "Grand Tour" of Herman Jakub through Italy, France or Spain.

The most interesting exhibits are certainly the Turkish tent from the beginning of the 16th century, drapes and other objects brought by Herman Černín from his diplomatic missions in Ottoman Empire, as well as the parts of the collection of Herman's grandnephew Jan Humprecht and many practical and surprising belongings collected and used during the long and far travels of the members of the family Černín.



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