Jindřichův Hradec - mansion of Lords of Hradec, Earls Slavata and Černín

Jindřichův Hradec mansion of supreme royal courtiers

The monumental system of Jindřichův Hradec castle's buildings was proclaimed national cultural monument in 1996. It is the third largest historical castle complex in Czech Republic and it creates, in connection with the historical center of the town, a harmonic unit, which was declared for its unique architectonical and artistic nature the national urban monument in 1961.

Each of the castle's visit lines shows rare interiors and historical artistic artefacts and relics unseen anywhere else but in Jindřichův Hradec castle. The most valuable and interesting are the Knight Hall in gothic palace with murals from 1338 presenting The Legend of Saint George, very well preserved black kitchen from the end of 15th century, exceptional Green chambers with wall paintings from 1580s or  - one of a kind - manneristic music pavilion Rondell.

The castle's courtyards are regular venues of cultural events organized for public. The traditional ones are theatrical and musical performances - concerts of classical music, festivals, opera and many festivities during the whole season.